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I purchased my 1976 Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL in 1979 as my first car. It was my pride and joy and was all the money I could afford at the age of 18. Even at this early age I was a Triumph fan having been originally won over by my friends father’s pristine 2000 MK 1 automatic. When the opportunity arose to purchase a young low mileage Dolomite 1850HL auto for a good price I couldn’t resist.

It was replaced as my main transport in 1984, but being too attached to it I couldn’t let it go. It spent the next 25 yrs in various lock ups deteriorating steadily until last year I decided it was time to restore it or let it go. Restoration prevailed.

Searching around the internet I couldn’t find anyone that seemed to demonstrate the right balance of passion and professionalism I was looking for and was also a specialist in Triumph restoration both mechanical and body work. Until I spotted the website for AM Restorations in Plymouth.

Being based in the Midlands I was sceptical that AM Restorations would be the right answer but a quick conversation with the owner Andy Moss put my mind at rest. Andy also confirmed that they would be happy to arrange transport from the Midlands to the workshop.

Once in the workshop Andy created a detailed estimate which we discussed and mutually agreed the scope of work. During the project Jason kept me abreast of progress with weekly updates and photos and Andy called me to agree any significant changes in scope as they went along. I only needed to visit the car a couple of times during the 6 month project.

During the project I made three staged payments and on completion of the work Jason created a very detailed analysis of the work done versus the original estimate making completion of the final payment straightforward. Jason also provided a disc of all in progress photos taken during the project.

On completion the car looked better than the day I purchased it and I set off for the long drive back to the Midlands with some trepidation with the car having done no appreciable miles in 25 years. I needn’t have worried the car took the journey in its stride and by the time I left the M5 at Tewksbury it was really starting to fly. During a couple of stops on the journey home there were plenty of positive comments from people who came over to look at the car.

If you are considering minor or major restoration on your Triumph or other classic car I would certainly give Andy and the team at AM Restorations a call. Their work is completed to a high standard, they are professional and organised and clearly have a passion for Triumphs and other classics.

Nigel Massey – Midlands