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Over the years, we’ve been featured in a number of publications who have showcased the work we do. Browse the selection of articles below to download the full story and read more about our work!
Articles - White Classic Car - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd
Articles - Andy Moss Article - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Classic Cars Magazine

Britain’s oldest established classic car magazine – featured Andy’s Triumph Stag in a comparison test, against a Mercedes 350cl and a Jaguar XJS
Articles - Triump Magazine - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Triumph World

Andy Moss is the kind of guy to have around in Triumph circles. It’s the dedication and loyalty of enthusiasts like him that keep the name alive. And if that sounds like a load of patronising rubbish then forget it because it’s true….

Articles - Going Pro - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Triumph World – Going Pro

After years of completing his own prize winning projects, Andy Moss decided to move things up a level. Having been a keen amateur since childhood, he decided to mix business with pleasure by turning his hobby into a profession…

Articles - Magazine Cover - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

The Courier

Just after Easter the phone rang – it was Ben Broadbent asking if I’d done any more work on our 1972 Stag known as ‘Frugal’.
Coincidentally, we were just about to collect her from Andy Moss in Plymouth…

Articles - Classic Car Meet - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Classic Ford Magazine

Build it and they will come.

Our first classic Ford meet was such a success that more are planned.

Articles - Street Machine - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Street Machine Magazine

Mick’s what you might call a MK1 ‘Tina nut as he and his brother have been messing around in them ever since they were legally allowed to do so.

Articles - Custom Car Magazine - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Custom Car Magazine

Stock colour scheme keeps things looking period, Mick’s stock of MK1 parts coming in handy for trim and body panels.

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