Welding and Fabrication

At our garage in Plymouth we have the skills and equipment to complete Welding and Fabrication projects.

Classic Car Welding and Fabrication.

The AM Restorations team is comprised of passionate and highly skilled mechanics and welders who are experts in restoring classic cars. We take pride in preserving the historical significance and unique charm of vintage vehicles while providing comprehensive welding services to meet all your needs.

Our attention to detail and commitment to using only the highest quality welding materials and cutting-edge techniques, ensure that your classic car is restored with the utmost care and precision. We understand that every classic car has a story of its own, and we take the time to listen to your vision and deliver the results you desire.

Welding and Fabrication - Welded Car Roof - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

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Fabrication for Classic Vehicles.

We can restore or repair any section of your Classic Car, and if it’s not feasible to repair, we can fabricate a replacement that matches the original piece with great attention to detail. Additionally, we can create custom body panels based on your specifications and drawings.

Expert Craftmanship

At AM Restorations, we take pride in our team of expert welders and mechanics who share a common passion for classic cars. With their exceptional skills and knowledge, we can restore, repair, and revive any classic.

Attention To Detail

We take the time to listen to your vision and ensure your classic car receives the care and precision it deserves.

Comprehensive Welding

Our full range of welding services is tailored to classic cars of all makes and models, including structural selding, refabricating parts and bodywork, panel repair, and replacement panels.

Honest Advice

At AM Restorations, we provide each and every customer with clear advice and honest recommendations, with your budget and desired outcome in mind.

Our Welding and Fabrication Shop.

Our fabrication services offer a range of solutions, such as creating factory spot welds, folds in steel, swages using a bead roller, and bespoke exhausts. We utilise new equipment in conjunction with traditional tools so we can keep a close eye on the job to ensure that our work meets the highest standards.

Welding and Fabrication - TIG Welding - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

TIG Welding

TIG welding produces high-quality and accurate welds on thinner materials and intricate components.

Welding and Fabrication - Structural Welding - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Structural Welding Services

We provide a range of welding solutions to enhance and reinforce the structural integrity of classic cars.

Welding and Fabrication - Re Fabrication - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Fabrication and Bodywork

We are skilled in crafting and restoring parts and bodywork to original specifications.

Welding and Fabrication - Panel Repair - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Panel Repair

We can fabricate and weld repair sections for damaged areas.

Welding and Fabrication - Replacement Panels - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Replacement Panels

Expertly fitting and welding new or replacement panels to your classic car.

Welding and Fabrication - Bespoke Exhausts - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Bespoke Exhausts

Complete fabrication work for bespoke stainless steel exhaust systems

To find out more about our welding & fabrication services or to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01752 346544 or use our contact form.


5 Star - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

Andy and his team carried out a full restoration on my Stag. It involved a full strip down, total body restoration, engine, gearbox, suspension and brake rebuilds along with sensitive upgrades. On completion of the body restoration the paint finish was immaculate in a new colour and was complemented with a full upholstery retrim again in a different colour. The involvement from the team and the service I received from quotation through to delivery was exceptional. If you want to be actively involved or just let the team get on with it then Andy caters for either case. He knows his cars and he works with you to achieve a great result for your budget
David Parr

AM Restorations have been looking after both our classics for many years now. Fabulous work with the best quality paint I have ever seen that makes the best of the exceptional panel work they do. The people that work there are special and it’s always a pleasure to visit. Great service, great workmanship, and they’re not as expensive as most, that’s for sure. Highly recommended to work on any car or any age.
John Clancy

Just collected my Chrysler 300c having had waxoyl underbody protection applied.
Fabulous results, and price very reasonable. Anyone needing work done on their cherished vehicle need look no further than Andy and his team, who are extremely professional and lovely people. Thanks, im delighted that my car is now fully protected for years to come
Geoffrey White

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