The workshop saw the arrival of a TVR S2 for some modifications and a respray

 Arriving in the workshop was a TVR S2. The customer requirements for this car included smoothing out the bumper areas by removing the old rubber sections and reshaping in fibreglass, a complete interior ref-trim in leather and alcantara.


The particular colour of the car was a Lamborghini colour and had a slight pearl to the finish. After smoothing the bumpers it was found due to the colour that it was going to be particularly difficult to match and so it was decided to spray the entire car, this also meant that at the same time any blemishes in the body and original paintwork could be sorted at the same time.

While in the booth the interior was sorted with new leather on the seats, door cards and dash along with orange alcantara inserts in the seats. Before the dash was trimmed opportunity was taken to set in some new led warning lights and also to continue the orange theme the rims of the gauges were painted body colour along with detailing on the speakers in the doors.

To complete the makeover a new windscreen was sourced as the original had over time become rather damaged.