The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Stag for a full restoration.

Firstly we will begin by stripping the car down. We carry out an electrical test and start removing items and labelling them for storage making notes of any items in need of replacement. The engine is removed as we get the car ready for sandblasting.

As the car is prepared for sandblasting we continue with the strip down and remove the old underseal from the underside. The car then leaves for the blasters. While away the engine is stripped for inspection.

On return the shell is sent to the booth to have epoxy primer applied. The bonnet and bootlid are both taken back to bare metal inside and out to reveal any issues. Welding repairs start to the underside with sections of the chassis replaced areas revealed are repaired and treated before the newly fabricated sections are welded in. A rear spring mount is also replaced. The boot floor is removed to be replaced. Areas around the boot floor are fabricated and replaced. The rear valance is removed and replaced with a new panel. inner sections are protected before the new panel is welded on. A new boot floor is fitted. Repairs around the inner sills are carried out on both sides where they were found to be rotted away. The near side rear inner and outer wheel arch has repairs carried out. The offside rear quarter panel is then replaced after inner areas are painted for rust prevention. Repairs to the A posts and gutter rails are then carried out. Now floor pan repairs are complete they are painted in epoxy primer and sound deadening pads are fitted.

Welding repairs continue with work to the offside A post a new door bottom repair panel is fitted and we work towards fitting new door skins. Internal sections are primed and painted first and the door skin fitted. The front arch is primed and painted before fitting a new front wing. Bonnet and door are fitted during the welding process to check alignment and panel gaps. The near side door receives a new skin, internal areas are painted for rust prevention, the door is then trial fitted for alignment. The near side front wing is removed, the inner wing cleaned down and a rust prevention treatment applied. The front valance is now also removed. The wing and valance are treated and we fit a new inner front arch.

Next we weld in a new radiator support panel and once happy with the alignment we weld on the new front valance and near side front wing. Welding repairs to the bootlid follow. Once complete we now move on to the filler work. A final coat of spray filler is applied and block sanded by hand ready for primer. The panels are also primed. Next the shell visits the booth and primer is applied. The underside is now prepared, epoxy primed, seam sealed, primed and painted. The inside of the tub is then prepared,seam sealed,primed and painted followed by the engine bay. We then start the prep of the outside of the shell ready for top coat. The shell then visits the booth and its top coat applied. The car is then masked again and the back lamp panel and sills painted in satin black.

We start rebuilding the car with the newly refurbished suspension. Uprated half shafts are fitted and we run new brake lines and fuel lines,the sound deadening is installed. Items are refurbished before refitting. We start to flt and polish the shell for a glass like finish. The seats are sent to be retrimmed in leather, seat bases cleaned and painted first. The tonneau cover is bare metaled and painted. The wiper motor is refurbished. Refit of the engine and ancillaries follows. A new retro stereo is fitted and new carpet starts to be installed. The seats are re-trimmed in leather. The panels have their top coat applied and are flatted and polished before fitting them to the car. The engine bay ancillaries and fit out are completed and fluids added. Items are refurbished and cleaned and fitted to the car. A new dash is installed. Bumpers, lights and trim go back on the car. The refit continues with other trim items being fitted. While this is being done the gearbox and overdrive are overhauled. We now fit the rebuilt gearbox and diff along with the new exhaust system and move towards a start up. The newly refurbished wheels are then fitted. As the refit continues we fit a new mohair hood.

As we move towards the collection date we carry out the final refit. A ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork to provide a lasting deep shine and protection. Road tests and final checks are carried out. The car is then handed over to Andy who personally carrys out his final quality control checks and signs the car off ready for handover to the customer.