The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for restoration.

Another Triumph Stag joins the workshop for a restoration. Arriving already stripped, blasted and in epoxy primer.

First job on the list is to assess the vehicle and draw up a list of the panels required and once they are received we start work on the passenger door, fitting a new skin and door frame repair panel to the bottom of the door. We then trial fit the door to check gaps and alignment and work to building the shell around this datum. The shell is braced and the sill and wing removed to carry out repairs to the inner sill replacing large sections. The near side rear arch is removed and a new inner arch welded in. Removal of the rear floor pan follows along with reconstruction of the centre outrigger. While the metal work takes place we also start filler work on the panels that require no welding. The front floor pan is then removed to be replaced with a new panel and front outrigger. The outer sill is then trial fitted and trimmed. The rear floor pan is then fitted, jacking points welded into the sill and the outer sill welded to the car. The next stage is to weld in and metal finish a new rear arch repair panel and carry out further repairs around that area.

The front of the car now has the wings removed, repairs are carried out to the inner tubs which at one time had been badly replaced. The A post also has repairs carried out before a new gutter panel is fitted. Areas are fabricated and welded in around the battery tray and expansion bottle area. New floor pans are also welded in to the off side and repairs carried out to the inner sill ready for the new outer sill to be fitted.

A new rear top deck panel is fitted and repairs on the surrounding area carried out. On the front of the car we trial fit the radiator to align the radiator support panel and then weld the panel in. The front end is then mocked up with the bonnet, wings and front valance to adjust panel gaps and get ready to weld the new panels on. On the offside a new rear quarter panel is trial fitted and tacked in place.

Once happy the quarter panel is welded in and metal finished. Repairs are carried out to the off side A post and a new gutter panel is fitted. The new front wings and front lower valance are trial fitted one last time to ensure we are happy with all the panel gaps and then they are welded on. The reverse of the panels and inner sections are of course primed and painted before fitting to aid with rust prevention. Filler work start on the rear of the car to finish off the rear quarters. Next we remove the old boot floor and weld in a replacement panel.

Any required filler work is now carried out to finish off the shell and panels. Once we are happy a final spray filler coat is applied to remove any final imperfections. This is then left for a few days to settle before being hand sanded in preperation for the next stage which will be to apply primer.

Primer coats now applied we look to order the paint ready to tint and apply the RAPTOR underbody treatment. The colour ????? Traditional with a twist………….

Preperation for the RAPTOR treatment begins with a sanding down on the underside, application of an epoxy primer and sealing of any seams. The car then sits ready for the next stage. The RAPTOR underside protection is then tinted with the body colour and applied. The panels are then sent to the booth for primer as we work towards the respray of the shell. The interior and engine bay are now coloured.

IT NEVER GETS OLD……. no matter how many times we do this a buzz always goes round the workshop when a car is ready and the exterior of the shell has its new paint applied. Now in stunning British Racing Green metallic. Next into the booth are the panels.