The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for restoration.

Another Triumph Stag joins the workshop for a restoration. Including a full colour change.

Firstly we start by stripping the car down. The engine is removed. The car is then taken to bare metal. Panels are ordered and the first to be replaced is the front lower valance. Next we move onto the repairs on the near side removing the sill, cleaning up and carrying out welding repairs and priming ready for the new full BL sill. Once happy the new sill is welded in along with the sill closing panel.

Next the nearside doorskin is removed and we start to weld in a lower door repair panel. Once happy we paint the inside of the door frame and the reverse of the new door skin for rust prevention. The new door skin is then fitted and the door trial fitted to the car. Next the rear quarter is removed ready for a new repair panel which is lined up along with a new inner arch. The inner arch is then welded into place. The rear arch repair panel is then fitted. The offisde door has a lower repair panel fitted and other welding repairs to the frame before being re-skinned. Next the off side sill is removed ready for replacement with a new panel.

Once repairs to the inner sill are finished the area is painted along with the inside of the outer sill. The outer sill is then welded on. Next we move on to fitting an O/S/R quarter panel. An area of the rear quarter is also repaired. The bottom of the front wing is welded back on and the areas metal finished ready for any filler work. Filler work starts around the car with different grade fillers, once happy we then apply a spray filler coat to emove any final inperfections. The filler coat is then sanded down and the primer applied to the shell and panels. We then seal all the seams and apply the coats of Pimento Red to the shell and panels. Siils and the rear tail light panel are then painted in Satin black. We then start the refit, plastic wrap protects the panels while the build up is carried out. As the project nears completion we draw up a snag list and carry out final checks.