The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for restoration.

 Another Triumph Stag has been brought to us for a complete restoration. It will be stripped right down to its shell and fully rebuilt to concourse condition.

First job after stripping the car to a bare shell was to send it away for sand blasting.On its return epoxy primer was applied.

The shell was then put on a spit to tackle some of the structle welding to floors, inner sills and chassis.

Welding continued with boot floor repair,new door skins and lower frame sections,all four inner arch repairs,new wings and rear quarter repair panels along with new radiator support and valance.

We then tackled the filler repairs and then a coat of spray filler.

Once the filler was blocked primer has been applied.

The shell was then put on a spit to prep,epoxy prime,seal and apply raptor with body colour .

All suspension has been stripped blasted and painted.

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The body shell was then prepped and painted in the stunning jaguar green,suspension and mechanicals could then be refitted while the panels where being sprayed.

Refit then continues including the new nappa leather interior, new wooden dashboard panels and a matching new green hood.