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Dear Mr Mcaulay

Thankyou for choosing A.M. Restorations (UK) Ltd to carry out the work on your Triumph Stag and welcome to your personalised update page.

Over the course of the job you can follow progress by visiting this personalised page at any time. Updates are normally posted each Saturday.

You are of course welcome to contact the workshop or make a personal visit at any time to discuss any of the work that is taking place.

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Originally arriving for some work to the rear end of the car. This has now turned into a restoration project.

Welding work starts as we fit a new door skins and lower door sections and carry out various small repairs around the frames of the doors. The inside of the door and the reverse of the door skins are painted for rust prevention.

Arrival and assessment

Firstly we carry out an assessment of the vehicle and draw up a work plan and parts list.


Welding work starts as we remove the near side door skin, weld in a new lower door frame section and fit a new skin. The inside of the door and reverse of the new panel are primed and painted for rust prevention.


Work now moves the the off side door as we carry out door frame repairs and fit a new door skin. The door is then trial fitted. Internal areas are of course painted for rust prevention.

Stripping the car to down to it’s shell.

The exciting first steps have been made in getting your car ready for it’s restoration. The engine and gearbox have been removed along with the interior seats, carpets, hood, lights and wiring.

Getting the stag prepped for sandblasting

With the majority of the car stripped it was time to clean off the underseal. Once the underside of the car had been stripped and cleaned the rear axle, subframe, windscreen and trim was removed.

Next steps after sandblasting

With the shell back from the sandblasters we can begin the welding work to make the shell and chassis more structurally sound.

Beginning of welding

Over the last couple of weeks Andy and Mark have been working on the underside of the car making structural repairs to the shell.

Continuation of welding

 With the underside of the Stag welded, the team can move onto the shell. The old rusted quarter panels are being cut out, new panels are being made and replaced along with the inner arches. Front end is then tackled with new wings and front valance.


 All panels are filled then spray filler applied,blocked down to achieve arrow straight body lines then primer applied 


The shell has now been put on the spit to prep and paint .Starting first by cleaning any surface corrosion and treating,blending all reapairs and applying epoxy primer,all seams sealed up and raptor protection applied and a extra coat of colour and laquer.

All suspension stripped blasted and painted