Triumph Stag Restoration in Devon

Triumph Stag Restoration- Triumph Stag Respray-AM Restorations

In this blog, we caught up with the owner and founder of AM Restorations, Andy Moss, who told us about his customer’s recent Triumph Stag restoration project. The team are perfectionists in what they do and have extensive knowledge in all types of classic car restoration. Their passion and expertise really does shine through in the work that they produce, right down to the finer details of the intricate paintwork and the perfect flawless finish. Classic car restoration is their speciality, and you can trust them to bring your old classic back to life.

Triumph Stag Restoration-Triumph Stag Body-AM Restorations

The Triumph Stag Restoration Process

Andy was approached by Mr Miller from Essex, who was in desperate need of finding a reliable car restoration expert. He had a Triumph Stag restoration project that required completing, and couldn’t find anyone local to him. He, therefore, decided to do a bit of research himself on Google. After spending time researching classic car restoration companies up and down the UK, he finally decided on AM Restorations. Mr Miller was impressed by the many Google reviews that had been left by previous customers and could see the level of care, high standards and quality of work that the team put into every project.

Andy explained: “After much research, Mr Miller wanted us to be the company to restore his treasured Triumph Stag. The car came into us as a blasted shell. A full check was then carried out for rust damage, broken welds and fittings. We completed the welding, carried out filler repairs, primed it and put the raptor body colour under the body treatment. The body was then sprayed, and the soundproofing was installed. The customer supplied all of the trim and interior himself, including the new leather. Extra upgrades were also completed on the car, including a new retro radio with DAB Bluetooth and an electric aerial, as well as an LED light upgrade.”


Restoring the Triumph Stag

Andy added: “As part of the restoration process, a new rear top deck panel was fitted and repairs on the surrounding area were carried out. On the front of the car, the radiator was fitted to align with the radiator support panel and then welded in place. The front end was then mocked up with the bonnet, wings and front valance, and the panel gaps were adjusted ready to weld on the new panels. On the offside, a new rear quarter panel was fitted and tacked in place.”

“Once happy, the quarter panel was welded in place and metal finished. Repairs were carried out to the offside, and a post and a new gutter panel was fitted. The new front wings and front lower valance were trial-fitted one last time and then welded on. To assist with rust prevention, the reverse of the panels and inner sections were primed and painted before fitting. The old boot floor was removed, and a replacement panel was welded in. This was a fantastic car restoration project to work on and the end result was amazing. “

Triumph Stag Restoration-Triumph Stag-AM Restorations

View the fully restored Triumph Stag video

Classic Car Restoration in Devon

AM Restorations is your go-to garage for classic car restoration in Devon. Our team of experts are dedicated to restoring you classic to its former glory, covering everything from interior and bodywork to mechanical services.

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We are dedicated to providing our clients with a seamless and stress-free restoration experience. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that your classic car is restored to its former glory.

If you’re in the Devon area and looking to restore your classic car, look no further than AM Restorations. We are committed to delivering perfect results every time, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. Contact us today to learn more about our classic car restoration services.

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