The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for a full restoration

This particular Stag joined the workshop for a full restoration including a full colour change.

First we started by removing paint and filler and taking the car back to bare metal. Then knowing what we were dealing with a work plan was drawn up and we ordered any required repair panels. We started by removing the rear quarter panel and sill for replacement.

Having got the sill in place a new rear quarter panel was then prepared and welded in place. Some major work on the rear end then began with the removal of the rear lamp panel and rear valance. The new panels were trial fitted before being rust treated, exposed areas were also rust treated before the new panels were welded in place

On the nearside we fitted a new sill and quarter panel and the old ones were removed ready for work. The new sill had new jacking points welded in and painted on the inside for rust prevention. The sill was then fitted, work around the doorstep area was also carried out and we prepped and fit a new rear quarter panel.

A new front floor pan and outrigger were fitted to the nearside. As projects move on sometimes things change and become more involved, on this project the customer decided to have the car blasted and so it was sent off. On return we could see exactly what we were dealing with.

Firstly we started with repairs to the boot floor and lower of the rear quarters that met the boot floor. We then moved on to replacing the floor pans and carry out repairs to the surrounding areas. Work on the front end included a new battery tray and front upper and lower panels. Before welding on the new panels all exposed areas and the backs of new panels were painted for rust protection.

The door frames were repaired and new skins fitted then the doors trial fitted to the car. The boot lid had new lamp panels welded in and we attended to a section in the expansion bottle area in the engine bay.

Filler work then takes place and prep work ready for the primer coats. The car and panels then went into primer and while this was taking place we started to refurbish the seats with new foams and vinyl’s.

The shell then went on a roll over jig and the underside was primed, seam sealed and the Raptor coat applied, tinted in the new British Racing green colour.

One of the most exciting times for the customer as the shell interior and exterior received is base and lacquer coats. This particular Stag a metallic British Racing green.

Refit started by installing the suspension, using new poly bushes where required. The engine and gearbox are then fitted and we moved on to refitting the rest of the car with chrome trims, lights and interior items. The car was then valeted and ready for collection by its owner.