Dear Mr Frampton

Thankyou for choosing A.M. Restorations (UK) Ltd to carry out the restoration of your Triumph Stag and welcome to your personalised update page.

Over the course of the restoration you can follow progress by visiting this personalised page at any time. Updates are normally posted each Saturday.

You are of course welcome to contact the workshop or make a personal visit at any time to discuss any of the work that is taking place.

Arrival and assessment

Firstly we carry out an assessment of the vehicle and draw up a work plan and parts list.

Strip down

This week sees the strip down of the car begin as we remove the engine, gearbox etc as we work towards getting the car ready for blasting.

Ready for blasting

This week sees the strip down of the car continue ready for the blasting process.


This session of work sees the car return from the blasters. Next we remove the old door skins, carry out repairs to the door frames, paint up the insides of the new door skins and the doors and fit the new skins. We then trial fit the doors to the car.


This week sees welding work carried out to the near side sill areas. To get access we first have to cut off the lower section of the front wing. Once completed the section is welded back on and finished. We then move on to remove the near side front floor pan.


This week sees welding work continue to the sill areas. The new near side floorpan is welded in and a new outrigger also fitted.


This week sees welding work continue. Our attention moves to the off side. We reprofile the off side front sill end. The wing section we removed is then treated and welded back on. The off side door shut has a section removed and replaced. Next the off side rear wing and inner arch are removed. New panels are trimmed and trial fitted. Before these panels are welded in a new off side rear splash panel is fitted to the end of the sill.


This week sees welding and panel work continue. We look now at the near side rear and start to fettle and trial fit the new complete rear arch panel. The off side has all the cavities and the reverse of the new panel painted ready for fitting.


Both front window pillars, scuttle and inner door areas have had the rust removed, repaired and filled. The boot lid has also had the same treatment. Welding and filler is also being done to the drivers side rear quarter panel, due to the nature of filling there won’t be any photos until it’s completed.


This week sees the off side rear quarter panel have final fitting/alignment completed and welded in place. The bare metal areas are then epoxy primed for protection.


This week sees us align and weld on the near side rear panel and inner arch.


This session of work sees repairs carried out around the rear of the tail lamp area, suspension area, and also we replace the boot floor with a new panel. New exhaust hangers are also welded on.

Begin filler work to shell and repair rust spots.

With the car stripped down to its shell, we could begin to repair the areas affected by rust. Dan has been busy applying the filler and shaping the panels. 


Sanding down filler, shaping and aligning panels.

The final stages of the filler are being applied, sanded back and then shaped. The doors, boot and bonnet have also been aligned. The next stage is to have spray filler applied and then sanded down into shape.


Continuation of filler work and alignment of panels

Dan has continued with filling, shaping and aligning the panels. The bonnet has also been test fitted and altered so it can sit correctly.  


Spray filler.

After weeks of applying, sanding back and shaping the filler (along with a few panel alignments) it was time for the spray filler to be applied. This will also be blocked in and sanded down into shape.


 Block down of spray filler, prep for primer and spray.

With the spray filler blocked down down and shaped we could then prepare the Stag for primer. once it was masked up and in the booth we could then get it primed.


 Bolted to spit to tackle underside

With the shell now on the spit,underseal was removed and small rust areas repaired and treated before epoxy primer applied.

The shell was then sealed and raptor applied in the body colour


 Boot floor,engine bay and inside

Boot floor,engine bay and inside are treated prepped and sealed ready for primer and paint.paint is then applied