The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Stag for restoration.

A Triumph Stag joins the workshop for restoration.

Firstly the car is photographed and a list is drawn up of the work to be completed.

Triumph Stag - Red Spray - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

We have now concluded one of our long-term Triumph Stag Projects.

The car had been off the road for some time and required a complete restoration. The customer has owned the car for 40 years and did a lot of research to find who he wanted the work done by and decided on AM Restorations! We are pretty far away from where the customer is based (Kent), but he was prepared to travel for our quality work.
The car had been off the road for 35 years and was in quite a bad way as the customer had started doing the work himself but had run out of time. We spent some time hunting down all the different bits, even having to have the customer post down a piece that had been cut off!
The body has been sprayed, flat and polished. Rebuilt, including walnut dash retro radio and LED lighting and is now looking stunning in the original pimento red.
We are delighted to say that the customer is over the moon with the car, and as soon as it was finished, he took it for a drive down to Looe for the day, exclaiming, “I knew it would be good, but not this good!” before we loaded it into a car trailer and sent it back to Kent.

The Process

Firstly, an assessment was carried out, and a work list was drawn up. The engine and gearbox were removed and torn down, ready for blasting. After the car returned from the blasters, work began replacing the door skins and repairing the door frames. As always, the reverse of the door skins and the inside of the doors were coated for rust prevention. The doors were then trial-fitted. The team then moved on to welding repairs on the near side sill and removed the front floor pan, ready for a new panel. Repairs were completed around the sill and surrounding area, and the new floor plan was welded in along with a new outrigger.
Attention was then moved to the offside where new splash panels were fitted, repairs were carried out to the doorstep, and the old rear quarter panel and inner arch were removed, ready for new panels to be welded in. The near side rear now had a new complete rear wing trial fitted and fettled to fit. A new rear quarter repair panel was fitted to the off side. All bare metal areas were epoxy primed for protection. Next, the complete near side rear panel was welded in place along with an inner arch. As the welding repairs continued, the old boot floor was removed and a new panel was welded in along with new exhaust hangers. Repairs were then carried out to both screen pillars.
The body was then filled, profiled and spray filled. Primer was then applied. The shell was then put on the spit to clean the underside, carry out minor repairs, treat, epoxy prime, seal and coat with raptor. Off the spit, the engine bay and boot area were painted along with the inside of the tub. During the refit stage, we added a new dash and upholstery with a retro radio and LED dials for the finishing touches.
Overall, the car was a welcome challenge for the workshop as it meant we had to source many parts, and it felt like trying to solve a jigsaw without all the pieces sometimes!