The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Stag for a full restoration.

Firstly we will begin by stripping the car down. We carry out an electrical test and start removing items and labelling them for storage making notes of any items in need of replacement.

This particular car will have a re-shell as it is not economically viable to repair. A shell is sourced and prepared for blasting.

The replacement shell is prepared and sent for blasting. On its return it is epoxy primed, inspected and a list drawn up of panels and work required.

Welding starts around the engine bay area. We replace the front top panel. The area around the servo is replaced along with a section of the inner wing which had been modified. The offside rear quarter panel is removed ready for a new panel to be fitted. The panel is now welded on and attention moves to the floor pans. The near side is removed and a new pan trial fitted.Repairs are carried out to the outriggers and the inside cavities are treated. The new pan is then welded in and primed. A previous bad repair is cut out around the screen a new section fabricated and welded in. Welding is completed on the boot lid and filler work starts with the rear quarters. The engine is now stripped ready for work in the engine shop.

The near side door has a new skin fitted, the internal areas are painted for rust prevention. Filler work continues to the rear quarter panels and also the rear valance. A section of the boot floor is removed and replaced along with exhaust hangers. Repairs are carried out to the front chassis and rear floor pan. While this work takes place we refurbish the suspension items.

We now move on to carry out the filler work. Once happy a coat of spray filler is applied and sanded to remove imperfections as we move towards applying the primer coat. Primer is now applied and we colour up the inside of the tub. The next stage is to seam seal the underside and apply the RAPTOR underbody protection which is tinted with the body colour. The doors are then the first of the panels to get painted on the insides.

As we move forward on the project the suspension is assembled on the shell and the engine bay is painted. Next the shell is sent to the booth to have the top coat applied. Once painted the shell receives a full flat and polish for a glass like finish. We then move on to painting the panels. Refit starts as we fit the engine, gearbox and brightwork. While the refit continues we start the trimming work. The soft top frame is also refurbished. The hood is then fitted and work starts retrimming the interior with retrimed boot and new door cards. The seats are then retrimmed and fitted along with a new carpet set and a retrimmed tonneau cover. As we near completion we carry out a road test, draw up a final snagging list and fit the refurbished hardtop. Final checks are completed and the car is ready to go.