The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for restoration.

Another Triumph Stag joins the workshop for a restoration.

Firstly we start by stripping the car down. Removed items are labeled and stored. Next the shell is taken to bare metal. Work then starts removing the front wings and cleaning up the inner wings areas are zinc primed and painted for protection. The inner wings are then replaced with new panels. New front wings are trial fitted to set up for the new front valance panel which is replaced. Repair work is carried out around the area where the front valance attaches. All repaired areas are seam sealed and painted for protection once happy we weld on the front wings. Reconstuction of areas around the A pillars follows. Next we bare metal the underside of the bootlid and bonnet. A section of the onnet is cut out and a new section let in. Areas of the doorsteps also get attention, again an area of rot is removed a new section fabricated and let in. Once happy that the welding is completed and signed off we move our attention to the filler work. once the major filler work is completed we apply a spray filler coat to get rid of any last imperfections, this will be hand sanded in preperation for the primer coat.

Once sanded the car and panels go in for the coat of primer. The respray then moves to the next stage as the shell and panels are given their top coat.

The car is then refitted and valeted ready for collection by the customer