The workshop sees the arrival of another Triumph Stag for a full restoration

We are joined by another Stag this time from Essex. In for a full restoration and colour change again to be finished in metallic this time in red.

Work started by stripping the car to a bare shell to go off for sandblasting.

On return from the sandblasters the shell was prepared and put into epoxy primer ready for panel replacement and repair work. First we started on the off side of the car removing the sill and rear quarter panel. We renewed sections of the rear inner arch, welded in new jacking points to the sill, treated the inside of the sill and welded on the new panel.

The rear inner arch work completed it was treated and the new rear quarter panel was welded on. A new floor pan was welded in after repair work around that area is completed.

The nearside then saw a new floor pan welded in and a new full sill fitted.

The new near side rear quarter panel was then welded on and we started work replacing the boot floor with a new panel. Attention moved to the front end where we fitted new wings, firstly we carried out repairs to the support areas. A new lower headlamp panel was then trial fitted. The front top panel was deemed to be cheaper to replace than repair and the old one was removed, areas revealed were treated and painted first before the new panel was welded on.

Next we moved on to mocking up the front of the car with its new panels to ensure we were happy with the fit and panel gaps. The panels were then welded into place. Welding and panel work nearly complete we moved to the doors fitting a new skins and bottom repair panels. Areas inside were painted for rust prevention.

The car was then bare metalled for filler work and we started on the rear quarters, gradually working round the car with various grades of filler.

The panels then started to go into primer, followed by the shell and the underside was primed, seam sealed and our now very popular Raptor treatment applied. The interior of the shell was then painted in the stunning red metallic. The car moved to the booth again and the exterior of the shell was painted, followed by the panels.

We then started to hang the panels on the car. Build up continued with fitting suspension, ancillaries and trim we also started to re-trim the seats and other interior items. The boot area had the new carpet put in place. We also fitted new carpeting to the tub of the car. Seats and a replacement dash followed.

The car then finished at our end went off to have a rebuilt engine and gearbox fitted.