Dear Mr King

Thankyou for choosing A.M. Restorations (UK) Ltd to carry out the restoration of your Triumph Stag and welcome to your personalised update page.

Over the course of the restoration you can follow progress by visiting this personalised page at any time. Updates are normally posted each Saturday.

You are of course welcome to contact the workshop or make a personal visit at any time to discuss any of the work that is taking place.

Refit to completion

This week sees the refit completed and the car ready for collection.

Trimming and refit

This week sees the new hood fitted. The seats are retrimmed in leather. The carpets are fitted and the dash is removed,refurbished and refitted. The newly refurbished wheels with new tyres also arrive back and are fitted.


This week sees the bonnet and boot panels painted on the inside. We begin to wet flat and polish the car. Build up continues as panels are fitted to the car. The airbox,rocker covers and air intake are refurbished and fitted.

Repair work/Underbody treatment/Paintwork

This week sees the panels of the car being primed and painted. The shell is painted. The chassis has an area of rot cut out, a new section fabricated and welded in. The underside is then treated with an underbody wax treatment. The airbox, rocker cover and air intake are removed to be refurbished.

Bodywork and primer

This week sees the bodywork completed with welding and filler work to the shell carried out. The door repair is finished with a new lower door bottom repair panel and a new skin fitted. The shell then moves to the booth and is primed in the repaired areas.

Mechanical and strip down

First we start by carrying out a full service. The cooling hoses are replace and fresh coolant added. Brake pipes are made up and fitted along with braided brake hoses. New front callipers are fitted. New fuel filters are fitted along with uprated fuel hose. New shock absorbers replace the old units. The strip down of the car starts removing all trims etc to start the repairs and respray, all parts labeled, notes made of any items in need of replacement and bagged and stored . The old door mirror holes are welded up. The door skin is removed to investigate the inner door and ready to fit the new panels.