TRIUMPH ROADSTER (Newly completed)



The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Roadster for restoration.

Firstly we will begin by stripping the car down. We carry out an electrical test and start removing items and labelling them for storage making notes of any items in need of replacement.

Once the car is stripped down we can gain access to the areas in need of repair. The first job is to reconstruct the front cross member. A jig is created and the cross member removed completely. It is then taken apart and a new tubular section welded in. It is then reassembled, trila fitted and welded back into the car. Along the length of the car various rotten areas of the chassis are removed, new sections fabricated and welded in. Once we are happy all the repairs have been carried out the whole chassis is cleaned down a rust inhibitor applied and two coats of a chassis protection paint applied.

One of the inner wings is found to be in need of repair and again sections are fabricated and welded in. The rest of the wing is cleaned down rust protection applied followed by zinc primer and a coat of stoneship protection.

The sills are next to receive attention as the Ash construction has rotted over the years. Over time various repairs have been made by various people and we remove traces of the rotten wood, fiberglass and even paper. New Ash timber is then treated, shaped and the sills and A and B post areas reconstructed. Metal areas around are treated before the new sills are bolted into place. Repairs to the sills completed we then work to get the correct alignment and gaps on the doors. Prep work starts as we move to get the car into primer.

Once primed and sanded the car is then masked and the top coat applied to the shell. Repair work is carried out to the front wings. The panels are then sent to the booth to be primed. The panels are then hand sanded and the top coat applied. Next we start the refit of the car. The wheels are then painted in the body colour.

Final checks, a roadtest and a polish and the car is ready for collection