The workshop saw the arrival of a Triumph 2000 MK1 for restoration.

Firstly the car was stripped down for sand blasting. On return a full inspection was carried out. The delicate areas that were prone to warping by the blasting process were unblasted and finished by hand. Once bare metaled fully the car went to the booth and sprayed with epoxy primer.

We started the welding work by removing the off side sill. Reconstruction work of the inner sill was carried out before the outer one could be fitted. Areas that were replaced and any inner sections revealed got treated before new sections are welded in.

Next the inner wheel arch was reconstructed and painted for rust prevention. We also started to strip the engine for inspection.The near side sill was removed and we fabricatedthe rotten jacking points, areas of the inner sill were repaired and we then fitted the new sill.Areas of the near side rear inner and outer arch needed fabricating and welding in and we got to work on refurbishing the suspension items.The off side front lamp panel was reconstucted where it had accident damage and we received back the engine from the engine shop.Filler work then started on the front panel and the bonnet. The bonnet then went to the booth for a spray filler coat. Bootlid and bonnet were prepared and bare metaled as required with corroded areas ground out and treated.

The engine on return from the engine shop was reassembled with new components and gaskets as required. Wings returned from the blasters and then epoxy primed before being painted on the inside for rust prevention and welded to the car.

Doors were then bodyworked, painted inside for protection and trial fitted to the car. Suspension items were sandblasted and painted.

Filler work was completed on the car which then went to the booth for a spray filler coat to remove any final imperfections. The shell was then primed and the boot area painted in Sapphire Blue.

We then turned our attention to the underside, prepared, seam sealed and coated it in the now famous RAPTOR underbody treatment tinted with the body colour.

The shell returned to the booth and was masked and resprayed. We then started the build up, items were cleaned and refurbished before being refitted. Panels were then primed and coloured inside. The refit continued with the rebuilt engine being fitted along with ancillaries. The exterior refit continued as front lights are installed. Wheels were then sandblasted and painted. The dash wood had the veneer repaired and then sanded and varnished.

Next we moved on to the interior refit, the original sunvisors were cleaned up, the old headling removed and a new item fitted. The original carpets were then cleaned up and refitted.

The panels for the car were then painted. The bootlid and bonnet fitted. We fabricated and trimmed a new centre console section to acccept a new DAB stereo which was fitted with a new dual voice speaker. The wood sections of the dash were removed and refurbished. The interior was then refitted and we started to add chrome trims and hang the doors. The drop glass and mechanisms were then fitted to all doors, door handles were fitted and tested and we give the inside of each door a full waxoyl treatment. Door cards etc were then fitted and on the exterior the brightwork cleaned and fitted. A machine polish and fitting of the badges followed

Final checks an MOT and final inspection and valet and the car was ready for collection.