Our 10th Anniversary!

As a member of the Stag club and Master Technician by trade, along with years of experience in body work. Working as a landscape gardener I found myself repairing and restoring other members stags in my spare time. After finishing my second car I had an idea; “Could I do this as a career?” I wasn’t sure but I knew it would be worth a try.

After an awful lot of deep thought and planning, I decided to bite the bullet and start my very own business; AM Restorations UK LTD. Who knew that the seed that was planted in my mind all those years ago would germinate and flourish into the business it has become today! It hasn’t always been plain sailing, with the journey getting extremely difficult at times, But the unwavering support has always kept me going!

Marking our 10th Anniversary, We wanted to thank our team of dedicated staff for all of their hard work in making sure the business runs effectively and to perform the highest standard of work possible. we also wanted to thank all of our customers from the bottoms of our hearts for supporting the business and continuing to provide us with their custom. With your support we promise to continue striving to give you the best level of service possible.

Best Wishes,

(All the staff and family with their own classic cars)

AM Restorations