In this blog, we caught up with owner and founder of AM Restorations, Andy Moss who told us about his son’s mini restoration project, at the age of 16. It’s not just Andy that has a passion for classic car restoration, it runs in the family too!

From an early age, Ben Moss has shared a passion with his dad for restoring classic cars. When he left school, he decided to go down the same route, and purchased a 1978 Austin Mini Clubman on eBay, which was in desperate need of an overhaul. Andy explained: “The whole mini restoration process took 4 years in total. Ben purchased the mini when he left school but then started work. He then had to fit the restoration work around his job. He worked hard to save money to buy parts, so there was a lot of stopping and starting.”

When Ben purchased the Mini it was covered in grey primer, which was painted over black. Everything was stripped out and the first thing Ben and Andy did was to fit a battery. An ignition was put in place and a fuel pump was installed, just to get the mini up and running. Andy added: “Before we started stripping down to restore the bodywork, the plan was to make sure the Mini was functioning again.”

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The Mini Restoration Process

It was a lot of work for Ben and Andy to bring the Mini Clubman back to it’s former glory. Floor panels were replaced, sills were repaired, and the rear boot and rear valance were overhauled. The reconstruction of the door pillar was quite intense. Andy said: “I had to reconstruct it and put in new sections, inner and outer, all to do with the hinge of the doors. The wings and front valance were replaced and it was all done in the workshop at AM Restorations in Plymouth, Devon.”

Andy did most of the welding. Ben did prep work to help Andy and painted inside the parts. He also did the ‘bare metalling,’ which meant taking most of the paint off of the car. Once it was painted, Ben was quite involved in the build-up of it all.

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Prize-Winning Restoration in Devon

Ben has had the car for 9 years now and it’s still going strong, with the addition of a couple of upgrades. Andy commented: “The Mini’s still going strong. It still looks good, and has had a few improvements over the years. The restoration was completed in 2017, but after that, the engine had to be replaced. The original 1100 engine was replaced with a 1275 engine. The cylinder head has also been changed and we’ve also upgraded the carburettor to twin carburettors, which is the same as a Mini Cooper.”

Ben has gone on to win prizes at a couple of events in recent years. He is also a member of the South Devon Mini Club, where he occasionally takes part in runs and events that they hold. Upgrading his Dolomite will be his next project. Andy says: “There’s a bit of work to be done on the Dolomite. The carburettors need upgrading and we’ve got to change the axle on it. The paintwork is also a work in progress.  The Mini doesn’t need any more work done to it at the moment. Ben does get recognised when he’s out in the Mini as it’s so distinctive. It may not be as fast as modern cars, but it’s uniqueness makes it stand out from the crowd. Watch this space for his next project.”

Ben added: “I have been interested in classic cars from a young age, so when the opportunity arose to purchase my first project car (a classic Mini Clubman saloon), which I could afford, I couldn’t let it pass me by. Over 4 years my dad and I slowly restored it, in our spare time. I love owning a classic, mainly because of the history. Classics have a big community following and I love the fact that it drives like a go-kart. I have also won a couple of awards. My favourites are ‘1st in Class’ at the International Mini Meeting 2019 and ‘People’s Choice’ for the Minis at an event on Plymouth Hoe.”

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Classic Car Restoration in Devon

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