The workshop saw the arrival of an MG ZT in sunspot yellow for a full respray

We started by stripping the car down, removing lights, trim etc, labelling and bagging up the parts and marking areas out on the car that needed attention. We then started attending to corroded areas taking them back to bare metal and applying a rust inhibitor. Any dents were then marked out and filled. The car then went into the booth for coats of primer. While in the booth the front bumper was prepared….many layers of paint were taken back and had to be feathered out in places that were flaking where previous people had not keyed the surfaces properly before painting.

The front bumper was then primed and the door, bonnet and boot shuts were coloured. We also refurbished the headlights.

After being prepped the doors were hung back on the car ready to be painted. The trims, mirrors, rear spoiler and front bumper then went into the booth to be coloured. The car then returned to the booth for its top coats. Then refit was then completed.