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Meet the Workshop – Trimming Department

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In our first ‘Meet the Workshop’ blog, we are showcasing our trimming department!

This is where car seats and soft top roofs are sent to get a new lease of life.

Trimming Department - Stripped back round seat - AM Restoratiions
Trimming Department - Rounded finished reupholstered leather seat - AM Restoratiions

The trimming department area is located upstairs on the top floor of the workshop, away from any mechanical and bodywork repairs that are being carried out downstairs. We keep this area separate from the rest of the workshop to ensure that there are no damages or marks left on the new seating caused by oils, greases or machinery.

In this area, we carry out replacement of seat foams, coverings and full soft top roof replacements. As part of our classic car restoration services we also give any seats which aren’t too damaged a deep clean, so the originals look as good as new!

Trimming Department - Wide seat prior to a deep clean - AM Restoratiions
Trimming Department - Wide seat during a deep clean - AM Restoratiions

If a customer requests a change of colour for the seats, we can carry out a dyeing process so change the colour of the seat cloth. So, whether you want to add a modern splash of colour to your interior or you want to restore a classic colour scheme, we can help you to achieve your vision.

In these photos, you can see us carrying out a refurbishment and painting of seat frames. This work is completed before fitting new material for the seats including cloth, leather and foams.

Trimming Department - Large seat frame after repair - AM Restoratiions
Trimming Department - Large seat frame after being sprayed black - AM Restoratiions
Trimming Department - Finished large leather seat after restoration - AM Restoratiions

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If you’d like to know more about our trimming department, car respraying facilities or our car restoration services, please contact the workshop on 01752 346544.

We’ll be back soon with another edition of ‘Meet the Workshop’, but in the meantime, you can browse our range of classic car restoration services, current projects and get to know our talented team. You can also keep in touch with us on Facebook to get all the latest news, announcements and updates.