The workshop saw the arrival of a Lotus +2 for restoration

The workshop saw a Lotus join us for restoration. Work started on the car removing the trim and some body panels, and the job of taking the car back to bare fibreglass began. Once stripped back all the imperfections in the body could be seen clearly.

A long process of applying various filler layers took place to ensure these imperfections did not show in the final paint job. This long process can be quite frustrating from a customer’s point of view as not a lot of progress appears to be made however the preparation and time will pay dividends in the finished project.

Prep work finished the shell and panels got a coat of primer. The chassis arrived separately in the workshop for trial fitting. Work started on a mechanical nut and bolt check of the suspension and also fitting the brakes. One these checks were completed the body was lowered onto the chassis and work began fitting all the ancillaries. The dash board was stripped and refurbished and dynamat and underlay fitted inside.

New looms were wired into the car and connected. Work to the engine continued with more ancillaries being fitted and a set of refurbished carbs fitted. On a trial start of the car it was found that compression was down on all cylinders so we striped off the heads to carry out investigations.

The heads went off for welding and skimming repairs as it was discovered that small cracks were next to the spark plugs. Repaired and machined the head was refitted, the timing checked and the car fired into life. The interior was re trimmed with new carpets and new headlining and the seats and door cards were cleaned prior to fitting.

The shell now ready moved to the booth for its top coat in a beautiful metallic silver. The panels were given a final extra primer coat and then received the silver top coat. Having been painted the job of refitting the car started with the hanging of the doors and refitting some of the trim. We also started detailing some of the items to go back on the car such as the grills.

The wheels were removed to be refurbished and the arches were given a coat of stone-chip. The refit continued with the pop up lights installed. The wheels returned from the sandblasters and were prepared and sprayed in gloss black fitted to the car along with the embellishers. Some final checks saw a new speedo cable and angle drive fitted and a new indicator stalk.

The car was given an MOT, a road test and a final valet ready for collection by the customer.