Jaguar Mk1


Jaguar MK1 arrives in the workshop. The remit includes finishing some repair work to the rear inner arches, a mechanical refit and minor paintwork.

Firstly we start with an assessment of the paintwork which in certain areas will need to be redone. A full machine polish brings out the colour and highlights any areas that will need attention.

We start by carrying out welding work to the rear inner wings. This completed the areas are given a coat of zinc primer, seams are sealed and a coat of chassis black applied. Further areas around the spare wheel well and surroundings areas are found to need welding and are marked up ready. Repairs are completed under the car and inside the spare wheel well area and the areas given a coat of primer. The underside of the wheel well area is then primed, seam sealed and painted with chassis black. The rest of the underside is cleaned and old seam sealer removed. Any untidy welds are smoothed off, two coats of zinc primer are applied before new seam sealer is applied then coats of chassis black to finish off.

Next we fit the diff, rear axle and suspension. The car is also having power steering fitted to allow for this the chassis leg is modified and the steering column is made shorter. After modifying the housing for the larger up rated servo the engine is fitted in the engine bay ready for the gearbox. The air box is refurbished and more ancillaries are fitted to the engine bay.

Next we look at fitting the rear brakes.

Prep work starts as it has been decided the car will receive a full repaint. Areas that require repair are worked on and the shell is given a spot prime. The shell and panels then move to the booth for the colour to be applied. As we look to start the build up the window quarter lights are refurbished and new rubbers fitted where required.

We now start the build up fitting front lights and grille, rear dumper, door seals and glass and the chrome trim. The dashboard and other items are fitted prior to the car going away for a full leather retrim and the sunroof to be fitted. Interior complete the car is given a final inspection, any final adjustments made, trim fitted an MOT and the car is ready for collection.