If you are anything like the team here at AM Radiators, you love classic cars and the journey of seeing them restored to their former glory. We hear so many wonderful stories about how our clients found their classic car projects, we thought we would share some tips on how to find classic cars to restore. With so many avenues to explore when seeking a classic vehicle to restore, view our little guide to make finding one easier.
Many of us will have seen those American television programmes, where all sorts of classic cars are discovered in barns or long forgotten outbuildings, but sadly the reality is far less romantic. Most restoration projects are found using everything from internet searches to auctions. Read on to find some other suggestions on how to find classic cars to restore that you may not have thought about trying.

Where to find old cars to restore – Online.


There are lots of places that you can find classic or vintage cars that need restoration, especially using the power of the internet. Whether you are simply looking for some inspiration into what types of classic cars are available, their condition, prices, or spare parts, the internet has it all. One thing that applies to all online purchases, pictures can be deceiving, the condition can be exaggerated, and all that glitters isn’t gold. Nothing beats a good in-person inspection by yourself or an expert in classic cars, which is why online purchasing isn’t ideal.

eBay is one of the largest websites online and has a dedicated section for classic cars where you can filter to show everything from year to condition to mileage. A quick and simple way to find what you are looking for is to search for ‘restoration project’ in the car section, as many vehicles are named to that effect. Of course, vehicles will need to be collected in person, with the majority of listings offering cash on collection, do a final check over can give reassurance.  eBay is also a great research tool, to give you an idea of current prices for vehicles in need of restoration.

There are numerous other auction and classified websites such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace where to find old cars to restore,  and with your location being a filter, you may find a local treasure looking for restoration.


Networking and Classic Car Clubs

Classic car club members love talking about cars, especially any that they have been offered that need some TLC. Classic cars are a hobby like no other with car enthusiasts holding a great deal of knowledge about their cars, trucks, or bikes, making members a wonderful source of information. You may even find club members who are offering vehicles themselves. After all, who can resist a bargain? On the other hand, who has the time themselves to see through every car project they set themselves?

We are very highly regarded by numerous classic car clubs across Devon, Cornwall, and beyond, so don’t be surprised to hear our name mentioned once you have purchased a vehicle to restore!

If you already know what vehicle or make you are seeking you can easily find a related car club, if not, like most things Google has the answers!

Magazines & Publications

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Numerous publications centre around classic cars that you will find in most newsagents. The majority of classic care magazines contain classified sections that you will find a wide variety of potential classic car restoration projects. Vehicles will be listed countrywide in a variety of magazines, so be prepared to travel!

Finally found your classic car project?

Have you searched high and low for your next classic car to restore? Make sure that you entrust it to experts such as ourselves, as mistakes can be disastrous, and very costly!

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