Hallet Stag


Hallet Stag – In for Restoration

The customer purchased the car in 2023, and shortly after, we had to do an engine rebuild. Later, he decided to get the bodywork tidied up and booked an appointment with us. Once the car arrived, we started inspecting the rust and stripping off bits. It soon became evident that the body was in a much worse state, and its structure was weak. Both sills were poorly repaired, and the strength was compromised. We stripped all the trim and cut off the front wings. We then started repairs to the inner sill and floors.

We have made significant improvements. The o/s inner sill has now been repaired and painted inside, and the o/s floor repair sections have also been taken care of. Additionally, we renewed the o/s outer sill, and a screen repair section was fitted. Finally, we also replaced the o/s/f wing.

Hallet Stag - 6 - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd