The workshop sees the arrival of a Ford Mustang repairs and a respray.

A Ford Mustang joins the workshop. The job list on this car includes repairs and a respray involving a colour change.

We begin by stripping down the car ready for the repairs and respray. Areas of concern are taken back to bare metal and reveal previous poor repairs and in some cases panels not even fully welded on. The rear quarter has welding and filler work carried out. Gaps on the car are looked at and adjustments made to improve them. One new wing is trial fitted and another for the opposite side put on order. Moving around the car we continue to bare metal areas of concern. The N/S/R quarter has welding work completed. We also start to carry out filler and prep work to the rest of the shell. The new wings are fitted to both sides, we continue the prep work for priming. The repaired and filled areas now have a coat of spray filler applied which will be sanded ready for primer. The car is now sent to the booth for its primer coat. While in the booth we also colour up all the shuts of the shell. The new colours for the respray are also revealed. We also start prep of the wheels for painting. An exciting time for any customer…..when the car goes into paint ! This is even more exciting as a buzz goes round the workshop… a colour change in the new GULF scheme.

The final panels to be painted and the wheels now visit the booth. Once the panels are painted we start the refit of the car. Trim items are cleaned before they are fitted along with new or refurbished items provided by the customer.

Final checks and sign off by quality control and the car is ready for collection.