Dear Mr Jenkins

Thankyou for choosing A.M. Restorations (UK) Ltd to carry out the restoration of your Ford Escort RS Turbo and welcome to your personalised update page.

Over the course of the restoration you can follow progress by visiting this personalised page at any time. Updates are normally posted each Saturday.

You are of course welcome to contact the workshop or make a personal visit at any time to discuss any of the work that is taking place.

Arrival and strip down.

When the car irst arrives we carry out an assessment and draw up a list of work to be completed. Moving on an electrical systems check is carried out and begin to strip down the car to carry out the repairs. As parts are removed it is noted if they need to be replacedd or refurbished. Items are then bagged, labeled and stored.

Strip down


This week sees the strip down of the car continue. We rig up a fuel tank and get the car briefly running.

Strip down


This week sees further strip down of the car. Some unforseen areas of corrosion are revelaed once the engine is removed and they are noted to be dealt with. The engine bay is then given a deep clean. Measurements are taken of all the badges and decals to ensure correct placement of the new items. A new battery tray has been ordered ready for when we start the welding/repair work.

Bare metal


As we work round the engine bay and front panel areas of previous repairs have the old filler removed ready to be welded and repaired. The front panel and areas of the engine bay have the rust removed and are treated with a rust inhibitor.



This week sees the start of the welding work. We start by removing the battery tray and look to cut out the support area underneath ready for a new support panel and battery tray. Areas of the front of the wings and slam panel are also cut out and sections fabricated and welded in.



This week sees the welding work continue replacing the battery tray and support panel. 



This session of work sees completion of the major welding. The front valance has a section removed, fabricated and welded in. Both rear arches have small welding repairs along with the near side front inner arch.



This session of work sees a repair to the rear valance area. Spot welds are drilled out, seams peeled back and treated and new metal welded in to the inner rear quarter and valance. 



This session of work sees us start to strip down and inspect the engine and its components. While this is taking place areas of the body are prepared, taken to bare metal and have a coating of epoxy primer.



This session of work sees us carry out the filler work around the vehicle finishing off with a fine spray filler which will then be blocked down as we prepare for priming.

Engine bay respray


now that the car is primed we can get to work with the respray, firstly the engine bay needed masking. This was done by our nimble trainee Kieran (who fitted perfectly where the engine should be). The engine bay was then resprayed in it’s original Diamond White colour.


Prep for primer and respray.

Dan has been busy getting the car prepped for priming by blocking down the filler, sanding down the bodykit and masking up the car. The car was then primed ready for it’s respray

Final mask and re-spray


Dan has been hard at work masking the car and getting it prepped for it’s re-spray. Once the masking was complete and any potential areas for the paint to get through were sealed, the shell was then re-sprayed back to it’s original B3 Diamond white.

Underbody prep and spray


  This week Dan has been busy getting the underside of the car ready for painting. Firstly the front and rear suspension was removed, then the underside was stripped back to bare metal. Dan then prepped and masked the car ready for the stone chip to be applied. Once the stone chip was applied, the underside could then be painted.


Body kit prep and respray


With the top and underside of the car resprayed, it was time for the bodykit.


Refit and mechanical build up


Having been re-sprayed it’s now time to put the Escort back together. The engine has been rebuilt and is almost ready for its first start up. The bodykit will also be re-fitted along with the badges and decals.