The workshop sees the arrival of a Ford Escort RS Turbo for restoration.

A Ford Escort RS Turbo joins the workshop for restoration.

Firstly the car is photographed and a list is drawn up of the work to be completed.

Ford Escort TS Turbo - White Ford Escort RS Turbo Finished - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

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We start the strip down noting any items in need of replacement or refurbishing. Parts and fixings are labelled and stored. A check of the lights and other electrics finds all the items working. The fuel tank suffered a leak many years ago and will need to be replaced, so we rig up a temporary fuel system and pump and have a quick start up. As the body kit is removed areas behind are in very good order. As the strip down continues we remove the engine and give the engine bay a power wash. The rest of the body kit and trim is removed and we measure and note spacing of badges and decals for when the new items will be fitted.

The required welding work begins. We remove the battery tray for access to the support panel which will be replaced along with a new battery tray. The front wings and slam panel also have sections fabricated and welded in. Area of the engine bay are then taken back to bare metal along with the front panel. Old repairs are revealed in need of sorting. A rust inhibitor is then applied. Small welding repairs are carried out to the front valance and arches.

Having had the engine removed we now strip it down, start an inspection and draw up a list of required parts. While this is being done the bodywork continues with more areas cleaned up and prepared and epoxy primer applied for protection. A small section of the rear valance is repaired. Once we are happy that the welding repair have been finished we move on to carry out the filler work, finishing with a fine spray filler coat over the repaired areas which will then be hand sanded ready for primer.