The workshop saw the arrival of a Ford Capri 2.8 for full restoration

One of our own cars ventured into the workshop. Over the course of many months of work over evenings and weekends it was transformed it into a contours show winner.

Each area to be repaired would reproduce how the car came out of the factory. Work started by fabricating areas of the floor to sill area. Next we removed the outer sill which was replaced with a new panel and started work on repairs to the inner sill and rear suspension area. The inner sill had sections removed and new metal welded in.

Mechanical Services - Ford Capri - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

THEN IT HAPPENED……the dreaded unseen area of rot. As one area of the front section of the sill was removed and we dug around the inner wing was found to be full of fibreglass filler that had been held in place with the splash panel and coated in lots of underseal again an area on a car thought to be sound revealed itself to be far from it. The lower section of the front wing was removed for access and a panel ordered for the area.

It was undecided at this point if the wing would be replaced as only pattern parts were available or it would be repaired. Repairs continued making up a section of the front inner sill, fabricating a section of the front floor pan and repairs to the seat mount area. A section of the off side A pillar was removed a new section fabricated and welded in. New front wings were ordered and before fitting given a coat of rustproofing.

As underseal was removed from the inner wing further areas of concern were found and work was required to the strut mounting area. While the suspension was out on the off side we decided to refurbish the items, we started by cleaning off the shock absorber and the springs and gave the springs a fresh coat of paint. The shock absorbers and other suspension parts were prepped and given a fresh coat of paint.

Work continued on the shock reinforcement area with repair sections being fabricated and welded in. The next area to receive attention was around the headlamp area. Work continued to the strut area welding in new panels and fabricated sections. The brake callipers while off the car received attention with a coating of anodising spray.

The inner wing and the inside of the outer wing were then coated with the factory stone-chip protection and the door was fitted to check alignment and also to assist in correct fitment of the wing. Filler work was completed to the door which was again hung on the car to get correct fitment. A rusted section of the bonnet was removed and a plate welded in.

Some final filler work took place on the wing. As the screen was remove we found that areas of the screen surround were rotten. These were removed and plates welded in place.

A section of chassis was then removed due to rot, a new section fabricated and welded into place.

The engine and gearbox were then removed and cleaned ready for painting and detailing.

The car was now turned and the wing removed to find that there were similar rot issue as the off side. Work started on the near side floor pan. We then reconstruct the sill area.

Next we moved to the area of the screen and scuttle panel on the near side by removing a rusted area and fabricating the inner and outer section. Attention to detail on areas was key as the new bracket was made up. Areas around the headlight were also fabricated and welded.

The inner of the wheel arch was now given a rubber guard coating and the front wing aligned and fitted.

Work completed on the shell the car moved to the booth for priming.

The underside was then protected and given a coat of two pack paint. The suspension was also being detailed and we started with the front struts and springs. Other small items were also refurbished and detailed.

While out of the car the engine had a small overhaul, ancillaries refurbished and detailed.

The engine bay received its top coat in lovely gloss black, followed by the shell and panels. The shell and panels were then prepared again and visit the booth for a second coat of lacquer.

Build up now started with fitting of the engine, suspension and trim. Items were cleaned and detailed before being refitted. Once rebuilt the polishing process was completed and the car given an MOT. Ready for its first trip out and be pride of place at our Trade stand at a major car show event.