The workshop saw the arrival of a Datsun 280C for minor restoration.

Firstly we began by stripping the car down. We carried out an electrical test and started removing items and labelling them for storage making notes of any items that were in need of replacement.

Projects - Datsun - AM Restorations

Firstly we dealt with the rust issues that were found on the bottoms of the doors. Areas on each door had swelled, and also areas of filler from previous repairs was removed. The areas were then cut out and new metal welded in. Areas of the car and panels had to be taken back to bare metal. Panels were then sprayed in expoxy primer. The area around the scuttle was painted while we had access. We started filler repairs to the panels and then they were given a coat of spray filler to remove final imperfections. These were then block sanded and prepared for primer.

The front wings were removed for better access to areas in need of repair. The inner wings which showed signs of surface rust were cleaned down and treated. Repair sections were fabricated and then welded in, these were then epoxy primed.

 The inside of the bonnet was then taken to bare metal due to rust under the old paint. The sills which showed signs of rust had   rotten areas removed, the inner sections were reconstructed and treated before new outer sections fabricated and welded in.

Top coat was then applied to the inside of the panels.

Once the welding work had been completed we started filling minor panel imperfections.  Next the engine bay was stripped and painted along with the front end and inner wings. Following this the car went into the booth for priming, we painted the door shuts, hung the panels and prepared the primer for the top coat.

The car then went to the booth for the final time and had the top coat and lacquer applied. It was then sanded and polished for a deep shine and we started the refit.

The customer then decided to have some detailing work carried out and so items were removed for annodising and we painted and refurbished the air box and other items. Once the item were returned from annodising we refited the engine bay.

The front suspension was then removed, blasted, cleaned and painted. It was then refitted along with new adjustable shocks. We made up lowering blocks and once happy with the stance of the car new custom made wheels were fitted. The rest of the build up was then completed and the car given a full valet ready for collection.