Dear Mr Porter

Thankyou for choosing A.M. Restorations (UK) Ltd to carry out the restoration of your Datsun 280c and welcome to your personalised update page.

Over the course of the restoration you can follow progress by visiting this personalised page at any time. Updates are normally posted each Saturday.

You are of course welcome to contact the workshop or make a personal visit at any time to discuss any of the work that is taking place.



This week sees the completion of the build up. The new wheels and tyres are fitted and the car given a full valet ready for collection.



This week sees the front suspension items refitted after being refurbished.



This week sees the front suspension removed, items are blasted, cleaned and painted ready to be refitted.



This week sees lowering blocks fitted brining the car closer to the tarmac.



This week sees the refurbished items refitted.



This week sees the items removed from the car for detailing. Items are packaged ready to be annodised. The air filter housing, pulley and brackets are prepared and repainted.



This week sees the car visit the booth for the final time. We apply the top coat which is then lacquered. The lacquer is then sanded and machine polished to give a long lasting deep shine. The front panel is given a coat of black as Datsun would have done from the factory and we start the refit of the car with all items being cleaned before refitting.

Bodywork and primer


This week sees completion of the filler work. The car is masked and primed and the door, bonnet and boot shuts are coloured. The panels are hung on the car and the primer is prepared for the top coat.

Bodywork and Engine bay


This week sees completion of the welding to the sills. Filler work is then carried out to imperfect areas of the shell. A small weld repair is carried out to the area around the rear screen. The engine bay has ancillaries removed for access to prep the engine bay for painting. Once complete ancillaries are refitted.



This week sees the panels bodyworked, They are then sent into the booth for priming. The inside of the doors are then coloured. The underside of the bonnet and boot are also painted in their top coat. The final areas are prepared/taken to bare metal and rust removed. The scuttle grill is also filled and prepared ready for priming. The inside of the front wings also receive a coating of rubber guard protection.

Welding and bodywork


This week sees the underside of the bonnet bare metaled to remove rust. The underside of the car is cleaned off and prepared for undebody waxing. The rotten areas of the sills are cut out, the inner sills are reconstructed and exposed areas treated before outer sections are fabricated and welded in.



This week sees us finish prep to the door shuts of the shell. We bare metal the areas around previous repairs on the sills ready for fabrication and welding work. The inside of the front wings are taken back and treated for rust. Welding work is carried out to the wings with new sections made where corrosion had taken hold. A new inner wing access panel is made to replace the missing one. The boot lid is prepared and an area of the lip taken back to bare metal. We start to take the inside of the bonnet back to bare metal due to rusting issues under the old paint. Finally we epoxy prime the inside and outside of the front wings for protection.



This week sees us remove the front wings and clean up and bare metal the inner wings. We continue filler repairs to the doors. A repair is carried out to the near side wing lip and we weld up the aerial hole. Area of corrosion where the door mirrors were are removed and new sections welded in. An area of the near side rear door is removed and a new fabricated section welded in.



This week sees work continue as the shell is taken to bare metal. We start filler repairs on the doors which are then given a coat of spray filler to remove any final imperfections. This will then be block sanded to prepare for primer.

We carry out a small welding repair around the boot area and invesigate the issues around the sills.



Areas of the car are now taken to bare metal including the panels. The panels are then put into epoxy primer to stop corrosion. While the car is stripped and access is good we prime and paint the scuttle area.


The first areas of the car to receive attention are the doors. We remove areas of filler from old repairs which has swelled. This revels that the bottom of the doors require welding repairs. Rotten areas are cut out and new metal welded in. Where trim has been removed from the sills also shows signs of corrosion.


Firstly we strip down the car for access to carry out any repairs and the respray. We carry out an electrical check and any items removed are labelled, inspected and bagged for storage.