Do you have a classic, vintage or retro car in need of repair or restoration?  Whether you require an oil change, a respray or a complete restoration, you should always use a trusted specialist to handle your pride and joy.

Choosing a restoration specialist can be an overwhelming process.  You need mechanics with the correct level of expertise, who are passionate about their work, classic cars and customer service.  Only ever use professional Classic Car Restoration Specialists with an established business. If you’re an owner of a classic or vintage car, you will no doubt, be anxious about leaving it in the hands of a stranger.  Restoration can be an expensive commitment, so you will need every reassurance that you have made the right choice, both for you and your vehicle.

Bear in mind that when looking for a restoration shop, you should be prepared to travel in order to receive the best service.  It is imperative that you do your homework, prior to making your selection.  A good way of receiving recommendations is to visit a Classic Car Show.  Speak to other car enthusiasts.  Ask them about the work they have had done, and where the work was carried out.  Have some questions prepared, in order to find out as much information relative to your requirements as possible.  Inspect their cars and see whether you are impressed with the results.  Don’t be afraid to ask the owners whether they experienced any particular issues along the way, that could be avoided with hindsight.  It might also be an idea to enquire about any restorers who should be given a wide berth!  Speak to as many people as possible to gain a broad overview of opinions and testimonials.

Ensure You Choose Trusted Classic Car Restoration Specialists Every Time.

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Once you have shortlisted a few recommended restorers, check out their websites, initially.  A good restoration business should have case studies/projects and galleries for you to peruse.  You should get a feel of which you would prefer.  If possible, visit the restoration shop you are most drawn to, and ask for a tour.  If you’re not mechanically minded, take someone with you for a second opinion.  Ask to see some work in progress / cars at different stages.  Enquire about parts – do they have reliable suppliers that they can source high-quality parts from?  If any cars are down to bare metal – how well has the metalwork been treated?  Staff are an important part of the process too.  Find out how long the staff have been working there and the type/length of experience they have.  Never be shy about asking any questions you need answers to.  After all, it is your valuable car that you could be entrusting to them, and paying out for.  If they outsource any of the processes, find out who they outsource to – check them out with as much rigour.  Never agree to anything unless you are satisfied that the restoration business is reliable and trustworthy, with a proven background.

Just a small selection of the suppliers we use at A.M. Restorations are as follows:

AM Restorations – Classic Car Restoration Specialists in Devon

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Here at AM Restorations, we provide top quality Classic and Retro car restoration services to clients across Devon, Cornwall and the South West, across the UK and abroad.  Based in Plymouth, in the South West of England, we have real passion for our trade, along with almost a century of combined experience, expert knowledge and high-quality workmanship.  Whether you require minor works, such as a rust repair or a full strip-down and rebuild – we can restore your car to it’s former glory!  We offer Restoration Services, Mechanical Services and Quality Resprays.  All of our services are available separately, which afford you the choice of tailoring your restoration project to suit your exact specification, and your budget.

Our portfolio includes many classic car restoration projects, across a wide range of brands such as Triumph, and the classic Mercedes, in addition to the classic Jaguar, retro Ford models and many more. We offer an impeccable standard of work, with close attention to detail, at competitive prices. By completing as much work as possible in-house, we are able to guarantee the quality of work. We understand that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we pledge to give top-quality service every time and offer our assistance with any project.

When choosing us as your classic car restoration specialists, you will receive a full consultation process, including advice on which tasks to prioritise, and discussion about how to apportion your budget to suit you.  We promise to give practical, unbiased, honest advice and deliver tried and tested products and services.  We can offer you staged payments for those who require it.  You will receive clear communication throughout the implementation of your project, including regular progress information via weekly updates that are visible only to you, photographs, and expenditure updates.

Classic and Retro Car Restoration Services

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As classic car restoration specialists, our restoration services include: mechanical work, paintwork services, upholstery & interior detailing, alloy wheel refurbishment, under-body protection, panel fabrication, and rust prevention treatments.  We have our own fully equipped welding and fabrication shop, where we can carry out shrinking and stretching of steel, fabricate panel repair sections, create factory spot welds, swages, and folds in steel.  We can also fit aftermarket body kits.  Upon request, we can build show-stopping, custom built cars.

If it’s just mechanical services you are after, we perform engine overhauls, tuning, engine-bay detailing, timing chain replacement, head gasket replacement and preventative work or upgrades etc.  We can also carry out MOT-exempt safety checks and inspections.

We carry out our own ‘in-house’ quality resprays, using the correct, professional preparation methods, paying meticulous attention to detail, in order that your car has a flawless, showroom-quality finish.

You can review both our past work/projects and our current projects on our website.  A gallery is also available for your perusal.

If you have a classic or vintage car that you would like restored, or would like details regarding any of our other services, contact AM Restorations on 01752 346544, or fill in the contact form for more details.