BMW 2002 TII


High Performance BMW – The BMW 2002 TII

The workshop saw the arrival of this beautiful BMW 2002 TII., a high-performance sports version of the standard BMW 2002.

We received this rare and excellent car after the previous welder, who was from a different company, had let the customer down. The shell had been blasted and epoxy primed, and we spent a considerable amount of time welding and fabricating many new panels. This included floor pans, sills, wings, rear valance, front panels, inner wing sections, and numerous other tasks. We painted all the panels on the inside before fitting them.

Once all the welding work was done, we bolted all the panels back on and aligned them with all exterior trims. We also checked the fittings to ensure that everything was a perfect fit. We filled the body, followed by spray filler, which was then blocked down for primer to be applied.

BMW 2002 TII - Image 83 - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd