Due to the current weather, we thought it a good time to ensure that you are keeping your pride and joy, safe, sound and protected during these cold and wet months.

As an owner of a classic car, it is important to keep it in the best possible condition and limit any mechanical and cosmetic deterioration, especially by the elements. Ensuring that your vehicle is secure and protected from cold and rain, will benefit you by not adding factors that may need costly attention in the future. If you have already had your classic car restored, it makes sense to keep it safe and out of harm’s way, ready for warmer days and nights, making for an incredibly happy reunion when the weather gets warmer. Whilst we know all too well that machinery needs to be used to keep it at its best, getting your classic car stored correctly will minimise its transition back onto the roads.

The Right Location 

Selecting the right location is one of the most important parts of storing your classic car, go for a dry and dark location, somewhere that is secure, private and with limited access. The flooring of the location should be concrete but should this not be possible you can place a plastic barrier on the ground, and placing carpet or plywood under the tyres. If you are using a garage you can leave the window slightly open to stop the air inside from going stale, some garages such as pre-cast concrete are known to ‘sweat’ during cold conditions, erecting a plastic tent can help with this.

 If you have no other option than to store your classic car outside, be sure to wrap your vehicle up as tightly as possible with covers. Temperature and humidity can cause condensation, so ensure that no areas are left exposed. One thing to note is to never use tarpaulin or polythene as it doesn’t allow the car to ‘breathe’.

A Wash and Dry

It goes with saying, give your classic car a good wash and clean before you store it away, as when you put on a vehicle cover it can lead to scratches if the car is dirty. Cleaning your car will also help towards preventing rust and corrosion from setting in, something that may be costly in the future, should you require a re-spray. Taking your car out for a short run before storage will dry items such as brake discs that could stick and lock when the vehicle is left stationary for a long period of time.

Tyre and Wheel care

storing your classic car

During a period of inactivity, it can be very wise to pay special care and attention to your tyres and wheels. Many classic car owners choose to remove their wheels and use a small amount of anti-seize grease on threads to stop them seizing in place. If you have the facilities you could also jack the car up, taking the pressure off bearings by not allowing the wheels to make contact with the ground. Lastly, keep your handbrake off, using chocks to keep it in place, as mechanisms such as handbrakes can tend to stick during periods of non-use.

Battery Care

Another factor to consider when storing your classic car temporarily is the battery, classic cars often have a small amount of electricity running through them, slowly using up the battery. To eliminate the threat of having to purchase a new battery after storage, it is recommended that you disconnect the battery – after all, it isn’t running, so it isn’t charging. Windscreen wipers should also be adjusted and lifted, as they have contact with the glass window. Sometimes the surface of the rubber can build up a connection over time and destroy the wiper rubber, which is another item that you don’t want to have to replace.

Get Ready for a Happy Reunion

Once the warmer months begin and you can finely get back out on the road again with your pride and joy. Knowing that you maintained it to the best of your abilities, will keep you safe in the knowledge that your reunion will a wonderful and stressless experience.

Storing your Classic Car - Covered with Leaves - AM Restorations (UK) Ltd

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