1965 Mini


The shell arrives ready stripped for us to start on the welding and panel replacement. We set up and start by fitting a door skin and trial fitting panels to the shell.

Work continues fitting a new sill and door step panels and welding the areas around. All hidden sections are rust treated before the new panels are welded in place. As we move to the near side we replace the sill and section on the floor. Repairs are carried out to the near side door frame before a new skin is fitted.

The nearside of the car has a new sill section and door step welded in. A repair panel replaces a section of the scuttle area and we remove the rear quarter panel which well be replaced. New near side and off side quarter panels are now welded in place, all internal sections are painted prior to fitting.

The front end is now fully mocked up for trial fitting. When we are happy with the alignment the new panels are welded in place. Next we move to the rear of the car and mock up the back before welding on the new repair panels. The car is then given an inspection, any small areas of welding completed that were missed and we prepare to carry out the filler work.

We now carry out the required filler work to the car. The car then visits the booth for a spray filler and we then start the prep work for the primer. The shell is then primed inside and out. The panels are now primed and Old English White is applied to the inside of the boot and bonnet.

The underside is now prepared, primed, seam sealed and the Raptor under-body protection applied. The car then visits the booth and the colour is applied to the interior and engine bay followed by the exterior of the shell. Panels are then painted and the shell is masked again to have the roof painted black.

We now start the refit of the car fitting the exterior items and new interior.