The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Stag for restoration.

A Triumph Stag joins the workshop for restoration.

Firstly the car is photographed and a list is drawn up of the work to be completed.

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Firstly we carry out an assessment and draw up a work list. We then start by removing the engine and gearbox and tear down ready for the blasting process. When the car returns from the blasters we start work on replacing the door skins and repairing the door frames. As always we coat the reverse of the door skins and the inside of the doors for rust prevention. we then trial fit the doors. We then move on to welding repairs on the near side sill and remove the front floor pan ready for a new panel. Repairs completed around the sill and surrounding area the new floorpan is now welded in along with a new outrigger.

Attention moves to the off side where we fit new splash panels, carry out repairs to the door step and remove the old rear quarter panel and inner arch ready for new panels to be welded in. The near side rear now has a new complete rear wing trial fitted and fettled to fit. We fit a new rear quarter panel to the off side. All bare metal areas are epoxy primed for protection. Next the complete near side rear panel is welded in place along with an inner arch. As the welding repairs continue we remove the old boot floor and weld in a new panel along with new exhaust hangers