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For many years now I have been a "petrol head" and for the last 15 years or so fortunate enough to be in a financial position to indulge it. Cars are a fascination for me, the sound, the smell, raw power and of course the fun factor in hitting the road. I unashamedly say that I have had a large number of super cars which have all been amazing (and still are)but for some time I've felt there was something missing from my car collection and after getting a copy of classic car I realised what it was..... the legendary Triumph Stag. Being born in the 60's this was THE car when I was growing up and ticked all the boxes with it's stunning lines, beautiful V8 sound and of course what has become a retro look. The problem I was faced with next was that whilst I had loads of enthusiasm for driving cars the extent of my mechanical know how was filling up with petrol on a Sunday afternoon !!!

Undeterred I started looking into acquiring one and was quickly faced with the problem of varying prices, quite iffy pasts and also how do I know what on earth i'm buying here ! And it was the realisation of this that I decided to look for a company to restore one for me, not just paintwork and a tidy up but a complete restoration project that could deliver to be a "brand new" 1975 Stag or as my friends have reliably informed me "triggers new broom".
Having contacted the Triumph Stag Owners Club i was recommended to engage with AM Restorations in Plymouth. I had my first meeting with Andy Moss mid 2016 and was immediately impressed with both his passion for Stags and his understanding of what I wanted to achieve with this project. As a result of this meeting I engages with AM Restorations to source a suitable vehicle (£1500) and start the painstaking job of restoring the car back to its former glory. Since the very first meeting AM Restorations have delivered a first class professional service at every single level, they have kept me in regular communication with frequent updates about the progress on my car, monthly billing has enabled me to have a completely transparent insight into the work they are doing and of course the cost plus regular photos of my car going through the various stages of the project, they have been a real pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

It is very easy to get into a project of this nature and have misgivings on either the company you have engaged with or the finished project but I must say I am 100% happy with everything.

Many thanks go to Andy, Lauren and the whole team at AM Restorations, you have delivered me a fantastic product and you have been a wonderful organisation to deal with.

Glen Doyle - Surrey

I purchased my 1976 Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL in 1979 as my first car. It was my pride and joy and was all the money I could afford at the age of 18. Even at this early age I was a Triumph fan having been originally won over by my friends father's pristine 2000 MK 1 automatic. When the opportunity arose to purchase a young low mileage Dolomite 1850HL auto for a good price I couldn't resist.

It was replaced as my main transport in 1984, but being too attached to it I couldn't let it go. It spent the next 25 yrs in various lock ups deteriorating steadily until last year I decided it was time to restore it or let it go. Restoration prevailed.

Searching around the internet I couldn't find anyone that seemed to demonstrate the right balance of passion and professionalism I was looking for and was also a specialist in Triumph restoration both mechanical and body work. Until I spotted the website for AM Restorations in Plymouth.

Being based in the Midlands I was sceptical that AM Restorations would be the right answer but a quick conversation with the owner Andy Moss put my mind at rest. Andy also confirmed that they would be happy to arrange transport from the Midlands to the workshop.

Once in the workshop Andy created a detailed estimate which we discussed and mutually agreed the scope of work. During the project Jason kept me abreast of progress with weekly updates and photos and Andy called me to agree any significant changes in scope as they went along. I only needed to visit the car a couple of times during the 6 month project.

During the project I made three staged payments and on completion of the work Jason created a very detailed analysis of the work done versus the original estimate making completion of the final payment straightforward. Jason also provided a disc of all in progress photos taken during the project.

On completion the car looked better than the day I purchased it and I set off for the long drive back to the Midlands with some trepidation with the car having done no appreciable miles in 25 years. I needn't have worried the car took the journey in its stride and by the time I left the M5 at Tewksbury it was really starting to fly. During a couple of stops on the journey home there were plenty of positive comments from people who came over to look at the car.

If you are considering minor or major restoration on your Triumph or other classic car I would certainly give Andy and the team at AM Restorations a call. Their work is completed to a high standard, they are professional and organised and clearly have a passion for Triumphs and other classics.

Nigel Massey - Midlands

I have owned my 1977 Pimento Stag for 24 years. I moved to North Devon nearly 4 years ago and have been busy restoring a 450 year old cottage. The Stag was put in the garage and has not really been in use for 10 years, when it was last used as a wedding car. Once the garage was rebuilt I decided to put it back on the road last year. I was then faced with the decision either to sell it or have it restored. The paint was faded and showed orange peel, there was rust on both door bottoms and rear arches and lots of other minor defects. I got in touch with Andy Moss through the Stag Owners Club at the end of 2012 and by chance discovered that he had just started A.M. Restorations.

I visited Andy's premises in February 2013 armed with photos of the defects. I was impressed with the premises and the quality of the work being carried out. We agreed a plan of work and I had already identified some extra jobs like new headlights, mirrors, under-bonnet pad, tyres, restored alloys and some mechanical work.

The Stag went in for restoration in June. At various stages Andy phones me with the other work that was thought necessary, which I could then okay. I was able to follow the restoration on the website. This was important as I live 70 miles away from A.M. Restorations.

Along the way two new sills were required, new front valance and headlamp panel etc.

The car was completed for A.M. Restorations first anniversary open day and was on show in the entrance. When I visited I was really delighted by the appearance of my "new" Stag. The finished car showed just how much meticulous work had gone into it. Everyone who has seen it since has been amazed at the finish of the 36 year old car.

I can whole heatedly recommend Andy and his team if you want an excellent and perfect job.

I also really appreciated being kept informed of the progress of the restoration by telephone and by the website.

I was also presented with a complete photographic record of the work carried out. Some photos I used to get the car re valued by the Stag Owners Club.

M Lacey - North Devon

I would like to complement Andy, Jason and the team for the top quality bodywork restoration and re-spray they have carried out on my MK 3 Cortina. They were on a tight schedule as I was due to go on a 'Classic Ford' magazine tour to Belgium. The work was carried out on time with any problems found discussed and resolved as necessary. The car received a lot of attention and was well photographed on the tour! During the restoration a full photographic record was compiled to show the various stages of the work. I would recommend AM Restorations to carry out restoration to any classic marque! Many thanks

Malcolm Hughes - Devon

"I have owned my Mini Cooper for coming up to six years and in that time I always believed it to be a very structurally sound and presentable car. However, what started out as a quick ‘touch-up’ on a few small rust problem areas, to my horror quickly snowballed into in to a semi complete restoration project requiring a complete rear sub frame rebuild and almost all body panels needing attention. Following the glowing recommendation received about Andy Moss and his team, I decided to leave the car in their hands, and I was very please I did. I’m now left with a car which has been transformed and looks brilliant. Andy’s team were professional, very helpful and they guided me through all stages of its restoration. They really went that extra mile to give me piece of mind and to make the car look its best. If you want a top notch finish to your classic, look no further than A M Restorations."

Chris Athey-Devon

My Stag has been in the family since new, so when the decision was made to do some major work to the bodywork I immediately thought of Andy, having seen what he had achieved with his own Stag. I have not been disappointed and feel confident that the bodywork will look good for another 3 decades. I would recommend Andy to anyone who wants a First Class job done.

Claire Purser

We were delighted with the restoration work undertaken by Andy on our 1972 Triumph Stag. As a Triumph enthusiast himself, he has the knowledge and expertise to restore to a very high standard and his work is meticulous in all respects. We would recommend him to anyone wishing to have restoration, repair and maintenance to a classic car.

Sue and John Franklin

Hi Just a note to thank you for the excellent work you carried out on my wife’s Mercedes. We are very impressed with both the customer care and the quality of the work,and, you have given a thirty year old car a new lease of life !

Many thanks


I am the proud owner of a MK 1 emerald green Triumph Stag which sadly became rather ill, having incurred a few rather peculiar noises from under the bonnet. Well to the rescue was Mr Moss or Andy as he likes to be called. In October on the trailer went the car and we travelled down the A38 to Plymouth. December came and the journey back was in one well car after a rebuilt engine, thanks Andy a tribute to his trade, new car, new lease of life.

Pete and Shirley Tibbs

When I was a small boy I dreamt of owing a Triumph Stag. To me nothing compared to the sheer beauty and sound of the car. The dream stayed with me, and when I was 'allowed' a small 'mid-life crisis' I decided to purchase a Stag for my 40th birthday. Now after entrusting my Stag to Andy, and his professional team, my boyhood dream has become a reality. All work has been carried out to a very high standard and, needless to say, I am delighted with the result. If you need anything doing to your classic car, look no further than Andy and his team, you won't find better.

Jeremy Allin - Cornwall

Having seen the quality of work being completed on my ex-TR 6 by Andy and his team, I had no hesitation in asking them to carry out some bodywork repairs on my replacement classic MGB V8 Roadster. Some paintwork cracking on the bonnet and boot were worked on with both panels being taken back to bare metal before being fully prepared for primer and top coats. The cause of the problem was diagnosed as being poorly completed preparation work before the last re-spray. This was made worse on the boot lid by the gas strut kit which was badly flexing the boot skin each time it was closed, so these have now been removed and replaced with conventional stays. Work was also completed to replace the side windows on the hood and to shorten the gear lever. All in all a great service with the jobs being completed on time and with a very high quality finish, I will strongly recommend Andy and his team to my fellow members of the Tamar Valley MG Owners Club.

Adrian Nursey - Devon

May I express my thanks to you and your team for the work on my Stag. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the car in the company of a professional and dedicated team and the results are extremely pleasing. I have already received many favourable comments on the high standard and quality of the panel and paintwork. The car is now ready to take its place at any show.

David Taylor - Devon

Andy & Team. Thanks for the first class work carried out on my Triumph resulting in the car winning best Triumph in Show at Mount Edgecumbe Classic Car Show 2013.

Peter - Devon

Hi Andy,

Hope all is well with you.

Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for the work you guys did on my Stag. I drove it back to London circa 500 miles, in the really bad weather and heavy traffic. Keeping in mind the car had not been driven for almost 20 years, the car made it with no problems. I have used the car since then (in better weather) and the work you guys did makes the car start first time, run really smoothly and is actually a pleasure to drive (again keeping in mind its almost 40 years old). So thank you again for the effort and friendly advice you gave - I really appreciated it then and appreciate it even more now ! I'm so glad I asked you to complete the work on the car.

Nab Mer - London

I have owned my 2500s since 1993, living in Berkshire at the time. The car was restored over a two year period back in 2001, but as the years have passed the S has needed further bodywork, restoration and paint. As I now live in Devon all the work has been carried out by Andy Moss and his team at AM Restorations (UK) Ltd. A huge thank you to them for the quality of the work done, to keep this car in the condition it is today. At the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register National held on 29/06/2018 the car was voted best MK 2.

Wayne Bendell - Teignmouth

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