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Triumph Archive


This Stag joined the workshop for a full restoration including a full colour change.

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We are joined by another Stag this time from Essex. In for a full restoration and colour change again to be finished in metallic this time in red.

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Another Devon Stag joins the workshop

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Another Stag joins the workshop for a full restoration

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It's not all about major restorations and the workshop saw the arrival of a stalled project from an owner living in Switzerland. The work requested was a recommission and build up.

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Triumph Herald

The workshop saw the arrival of a very original Triumph Herald. Having been in the family from new this is a fine original example of an unmolested Herald.

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Devon Stag

We saw the arrival of another Stag in the workshop this time from Devon. There was a bit of a twist with this car as it was running a Ford V6 engine. This was quite a popular conversion back in the day.

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Stag NTT

This Stag arrived in the workshop requiring some extensive work. We started by stripping the car and preparing a list of required panels. Work started by removing the near side rear quarter. Removal of the near side front wing showed the extent of the rusting to panels.

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TR4 A - New Dashboard

Another new arrival to the workshop was this TR4a to have a new walnut dash fitted. Firstly we striped out the old facia.

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Dolomite 1850

Into the workshop arrived a Triumph Dolomite 1850. A very original and straight car we carried out a recommision mechanically and some body and paintwork.

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Triumph Acclaim

The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Acclaim for repairs and a respray of the shell.

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Stag ORO

This Stag arrived in the workshop to have some minor mechanical work completed to ensure it is a reliable runner and also have items refitted and a machine polish.

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Stag XDJ

This particular project involved a complete strip down of the shell as the idea was to have a complete colour change.

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Java Stag

A new arrival to the workshop was this Java green Stag. The car was stripped and the near side floor pan had a section removed and a new piece let in.

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This spitfire GT6 arrived for bodywork including new floor pane, new sill and new front wings. First the car was stripped of the interior to avoid any damage from grinding and welding.

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Stag DAF

Not all our customers require us to carry out full restorations, some are very confident to complete certain areas of the restoration themselves.

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Triumph 2000

Arriving in the workshop was a Triumph 2000 for the first part of its restoration.

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Triumph Toledo

Arriving in the workshop was this Saffron yellow Toledo. Fabrication work was required to the front wings headlight area and also the rear wings.

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Triumph 1300

Arriving in the workshop a very nice example of a 1300 FWD.

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Triumph TR7

After experiencing some running problems with the car this TR7 was booked in for some minor engine work including new HT leads, coil, distributor cap and rotor arm.

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Somerset Stag

The workshop saw the arrival of this Triumph Stag from Somerset for restoration.

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Dolomite Sprint

The workshop saw the arrival of a Dolomite Sprint in Brooklands Green

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Surrey Stag

The workshop sees the arrival of a Triumph Stag sourced locally but will eventually reside in Surrey.

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