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We are often asked for a “Ballpark” figure for a restoration. Each car is as individual as its owner and this depends on the required work to achieve what the client has in mind for the finished project. For example to freshen up the paintwork will differ greatly to the cost of a full nut and bolt restoration to concourse condition and there will be a variety of costs between those two requirements.

We are happy to try and give an extremely rough estimate based on good quality detailed photos and the clients’ wish list, however there the only way to truly estimate for the required work and that is with through an assessment at our workshop. Here the car can be given a though going over and raised on a ramp to try an access as many areas as possible to try and eliminate unforeseen work.

This initial investment is worth its weight in gold to help a client decide how to proceed with the project and plan a contingency. After the assessment we can build an estimate, discuss the work required and budget with the client often being able to suggest alternative ways of completing work to stay within a budget.

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