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Before embarking on your project it is important to have two things in mind. Firstly a budget, secondly a plan. A restoration shop can help you with the planning and completion of your project but before that stage the client must have a budget in mind.

Setting your budget must be realistic, parts costs may be expensive depending on your classic marque but the majority of the cost will be in labour. Restoration is a time consuming business. Savings can be made however if you are a hands on person who can carry out some work on your classic for example strip and rebuild.

A good place to start is to have lists, what must I get done as a priority for example engine rebuild or bodywork, what is a secondary priority for example a respray and thirdly what would I really like to get done if my budget allows for example replace chrome work or re-trim the interior. Each clients’ lists will differ as budget allows and what they see as a must do priority.

Invest your money wisely, you may like a leather interior but you must ask yourself is it a necessity? Will my interior be serviceable for the time being and can my money be better spent on getting the bodywork, paintwork or the mechanical aspects of the car right first.

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